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About Us

Who We Are


Beyond Movies is a film agency nestled in California with the goal of representing authors globally to various movie directors, executives, producers, production companies, and film studios. Our team consists of dynamic individuals who share a passion for the arts, films, and media.


Beyond Movies houses creative, hardworking, and dedicated movie production consultants and publishing professionals. We collaborate with film, television, and movie agents to handpick published stories that resonate with a global audience and have the highest potential for commercial and Hollywood success.


What We Do


Our main goal is to have your books or stories endorsed and adapted into a movie or a television show, making them accessible on the big screen or various digital platforms to reach audiences worldwide. Additionally, we submit endorsed Hollywood screenplays and treatments.


Beyond Movies is created with the objective of making it easy and hassle-free for authors and their books and stories to connect with the major players in Hollywood—from producers and executives to production companies—who are eager to discover fresh and innovative ideas.

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