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You got the story, we got the connection!

There's a high demand for fresh new content in Hollywood for films, television, and new media. Nothing excites executives, producers, and directors more than discovering the next book or story that can be adapted into a Hollywood movie or television show.

Say goodbye to the days when you had to arrange meetings with film agents or producers to pitch your book or story, only to wait endlessly for their feedback.

With Beyond Movies, submitting your materials (books, stories, endorsed screenplays, and endorsed treatments) becomes a quick, easy, and hassle-free experience. We submit your materials (stories, books, screenplays, treatments) to leading production companies and studios in Hollywood.

Not only do we submit or sell your ideas, stories, screenplays, books, and treatments, but we also form connections and collaborate with production companies and studios capable of funding your projects.

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We're right by your side to help turn your hard-earned published books, stories, and approved or endorsed Hollywood Treatment or Hollywood Screenplay into media adaptations."

This adjustment ensures consistency in pluralizing "books" and emphasizes the broader scope of "media adaptations.



As such, Beyond Movies is always searching for fresh content and stories that meet the requirements of our film and media production partners. If your book has what it takes to be showcased on the big screen, we at Beyond Movies can make your literary masterpiece available to film agents, directors, actors, producers, and writers through a variety of services:


Direct Distribution

We pitch your books, stories, creative literary materials, and screenplays to investors, producers, directors, executives, and production companies, whether inside or outside Hollywood.


Hollywood Listing

Our database is open to our partners whenever they are seeking new and fresh content. We can list your book or story to be available for film or movie adaptation. Rest assured, we’ll also handle the entire process for your convenience and satisfaction.


Hollywood Screenplay & Treatment Submission

Most film producers, directors, and executives are busy juggling various projects at once; therefore, they prefer to avoid any hassle or disruption along the way. When they decide to adapt a book or story into a movie, having a treatment and screenplay is essential. We provide endorsed Hollywood Treatment and Hollywood Screenplay submissions to our partners in the film industry, ensuring prompt review and approval.

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